June 26, 2019

Getting Started with Scrapbooking Graphic

​If you want to start your own scrapbook but do not have an open budget to buy some essential supplies, then this article is for you. You will learn how to find ways to get around your limited budget but still create beautiful scrapbook you can be proud of.

Types of Scrapbooking Stores

There are 3 types of scrapbooking stores:

  1. ​stores that sell branded scrapbook supplies on regular price 
  2. stores that sell discounted scrapbook supplies 
  3. stores that sell both

As long as you have the money to buy some supplies, then you can go in any of the three stores. But since you need to do some careful shopping from a limited budget, you can only go to the second and the third.

But, don’t go anywhere yet, you still have things to do.

What Materials Do You Need To Purchase

First, you need to know the things you need and set your priority - materials’ hierarchy of needs.

An album is the most essential supply you must have. Next would be the album refill. Pens, papers, adhesive, and pair of scissors are the things you can have. Rubber stamps, acrylic paints, puncher, stickers, card stock, and other minor detailing you can live without are still essential.

Second. As yourself, from these items, what are the things you already have. Knowing this would let you eliminate things you can skip buying. For example; you already have a good pair of scissors at home. Or you already have some colored papers from your previous artwork. Or you have some colored pens. All of these will let you save enough money to buy other stuff you do not hove.

Third, make a list. Now that you have identified the things you need and the things you need to have. Make a list of the things you want to buy. Remember that you are working on a limited budget here so you should know what are your priorities. It is better if you make two lists. One is for the must haves and the second is for the extra supplies if you still have excess money.

Forth, check the price on the internet. This is the quickest way to do it. There are several sites that sell different scrapbooking supplies. And there are more sites that offer discounted scrapbooking supplies. You may want to visit sites that offer cheaper but nice supplies. Check on the prices here. Do not forget to shop around. The first site you visit may not be the best so take some time to browse on several sites before deciding where to buy your supplies.

Fifth, create a final list. If you have already decided where to buy your supplies, then, it is time for you to make your final list. It may seem unimportant since you have seen the prices and have realized that your budget would fit. But the fact is, making a final list would get you organized. Your final list will be your guide to your shopping. And oh! Make sure you write down the prices beside your each item so that you know how much you are spending on the particular supply.

Time To Go Shopping

After you have done all these, it is time for you to shop. You can shop online. It is more convenient and less stressful. If you prefer seeing the product first before paying for it, then, you can go to stores.

If you still have some extra cash left, you may want to buy some inexpensive scrapbook supplies that would give extra glow on your scrapbook. Some brands of rub-ons, stamps, colored pens, and colored papers could cost as low as $3.

But if you are really on a tight budget, you may want to improvise. Use materials you can find at your home. Magazines, newspapers, and other papers, can be good alternatives for colored papers and paints. Try to improvise on materials you will use. After all, what is important is to create a unique scrapbook. Yes, expensive materials would really give some good effects on your scrapbook, but with a little creativity and imagination, any material you have at home would transform your scrapbook into a work of art you can call your own.

Have a happy and wonderful scrapbook making!

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