May 21, 2020

Academy Retreat Center Graphic

What is a scrapbooking Retreat?

A scrapbooking retreat is a great way to get together with your family and friends while sharing your scrapbooking skills. You will be amazed at the amount of work you will complete and the new skills you can learn at a retreat.

Sure, you can have friends over your house to scrapbook together but do you really have the facilities for everyone to scrapbook comfortably? Just finding a dedicated area in your house for 6 to 12 people can be a challenge.

When are retreat centers available?

Retreat centers are usually available for daily, weekend, or weekly retreats. Booking a retreat center for a day is a great way to see how they work and see if a retreat is for you. Find a local retreat center and spend the day with some friends working on a scrapbooking project.

Weekend retreats are ​the most popular type of retreat. Think of it as a mini-vacation where you can go to a nearby destination to scrapbook and socialize with your friends. Many people will add sight seeing during the weekend as an added bonus.

Weekly retreats are usually more involved and may include speakers or workshops during the week. People will travel to ​vacation destinations or go on a cruise for some weekly retreats. This type of retreat is for the hard-core scrapbookers.

What is available at a retreat center?

Retreat centers often go the extra mile to make sure you have a great scrapbooking experience. You will need to supply your own scrapbooking materials and special equipment needed to work on your projects.

Typically, a retreat center will supply:

  • a dedicated room or area to work in
  • a six foot table per person so you have plenty of room to work
  • a comfortable chair
  • extra tables for ​shared work areas for ironing, cutting, cricut machines, etc
  • Wi-Fi access so you can access the Internet
  • information about local shops. restaurants, and points of interest

You should always double-check with the retreat center to see what they will supply and what you need to bring. Some people like to bring their own tables and chairs if allowed.

​Example of a Retreat Center

One of our favorite retreat centers is the Academy Retreat Center located in historic Littlestown, Pennsylvania just south of Gettysburg. They have a 1,200 square foot building to host up to 15 people. After a day of scrapbooking, you can check out the battlefields in Gettysburg, tour a potato chip factory in Hanover, visit the local antique shops, or enjoy a meal at on one of the many restaurants in the area.

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